Tesco Release A HUGE Range Of Vegan Cheese | Available Today


As of today Tesco have launched their own range of Free From vegan cheese. The line of products is aimed to go in direct competition with Sainsbury’s vegan cheese they launched late last year and to match the large surge in people moving to a vegan lifestyle.

The range offers nine different flavours along with sliced, grated and blocks of cheese.

The vegan cheese is supplied to Tesco by Bute Island Foods who also provide the Sainsbury’s line and are the creators of well known products such as Sheese and VeganDeli. Bute Island Foods are renowned for only producing and manufacturing vegan foods, and as you can expect, they’re going from strength to strength with the huge recent surge in veganism.

The difference from the Sainsbury’s range is that Tesco have worked with Bute Island Foods to create a slightly larger product line that will appeal to more vegans and cheese lovers.

The products now available in Tesco as of today are:
-Blue Style Wedge (with mould effect)
-Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli
-Mature Cheddar Wedge
-Smoked Cheddar Style (round)
-Wensleydale Style with Cranberries
-Sliced Red Leicester Style
-Grated Mozzarella Style
-Grated Hard Italian Style (Parmesan)
-Soft Cheese

Please contact Tesco via their Facebook or Twitter to determine if your local store stocks their extensive new range of vegan cheese.


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