Tesco Shuts 6 Meat Counters Due To Low Demand


Tesco has announced that it will be closing meat and seafood counters at 6 of its locations across the country, due to low customer demand.

Although these stores still sell pre-packaged meat and fish, it is extremely promising to see that the impact of veganism is being felt by supermarkets.

Signs have been placed in these Tesco stores, explaining their decision.


Tesco hasn’t confirmed that they have shut these counters due to the rise in veganism, however, they have become one of the leading UK supermarkets when it comes to vegan alternatives.

As well as a huge array of vegan cheese, they also offer vegan cheesecake, ‘mac and cheese’, and millionaire dessert.

With a growth in providing vegan options and a decline in demand for meat and seafood, it seems as though Tesco is learning veganism can be big business.

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