Tesla Are Going Vegan | The First True Eco Friendly Car

tesla going vegan

Tesla are known as being one of the most environmentally friendly brands of cars out there. Now, they plan to take their sustainability one step further. Tesla are going vegan.

Earlier this year Tesla unveiled a new SUV which is completely vegan. They aren’t the first to offer vegan cars. We’ve already seen brands such as Ferrari, BMW and Lexus all offer faux leather options. However, they were only options. Now, as Tesla are going vegan, it means the car will come cruelty-free as standard.

tesla are going vegan

Typically, in the past, if you’ve wanted a vegan model of car you have to choose the most basic options. This means cloth steering wheels and fabric seats. However, as Tesla are going vegan they design their seats with a special synthetic that still retains the ‘premium feel’.

Tesla came under criticism from environmental activists and vegans who argued that they were missing out on the most important issue of all. Animal agriculture. Livestock contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than anything else on the planet. In fact, animals are the leading cause of climate change. We have too many of them to satisfy people’s ‘style’ and taste. All the while we’re destroying the world for unimportant, superficial desires.

tesla going vegan

“By offering a 100 percent leather-free car, Tesla is pushing its eco-friendly business even further into the future,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement. “PETA can now point to Tesla as a source for top-quality vehicles whose cruelty-free seats are as kind to the environment as its engines are.”

In fact, all those in the vegan community and those that are environmentally conscious can now have a car brand they know they can rely on to be completely vegan. One thing putting some consumers off is the high price point. Tesla are a premium brand however, the shift towards veganism will hopefully set an example for other car brands to follow.


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