Tesla Reveals All Seat Options Are Now Vegan


A few months back, Tesla announced they would be adding a vegan interior option for their latest Model S and X cars. Now, they have made vegan seats standard across all of their cars.

While leather steering wheels still remain, Tesla has said they will always provide a vegan alternative option.

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While Tesla does not explicitly relate to the material as vegan, the ‘premium’ designated interior options are for the vegan synthetic seats that were rolled out earlier this year.


Many Tesla buyers are those who are explicitly interested in protecting and saving the environment through reducing their carbon footprint. In terms of transportation, that means turning to electric power over petrol or diesel.

However, those who are environmentally conscious should also be highly aware of the damage animal agriculture, and particularly the farming of cattle does to the environment.

Why it’s impossible to be an environmentalist and not be vegan.

Animal agriculture is the most deadly industry to the environment. More deadly, than the whole transportation sector alone. It produces the largest amounts of methane, which is also the most damaging to the earth’s ozone layer.


In that case, a brand that wants to have as small environmental impact as possible has to eliminate animal products from production to show they’re serious about protecting the environment.

While we await the launch of their new Model 3, it will be interesting to see the direction Tesla takes in order to further reduce their own and their customer’s environmental impact.


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