Thai Fruit Festival- Video Roundup

thai fruit festival

If you’re a part of the online vegan community, chances are you might’ve heard of the Raw Till 4 Thai Fruit Festival, run by Freelee and Durianrider every year. This year we went along and loved every minute, the atmosphere is great, Chiang Mai is incredible but the best thing is spending time and learning from people with similar ideas.

Next year the festival runs for 6 weeks, starting on the 1st of June. Find yourself some nice cheap accommodation, familiarise yourself with the ever growing vegan restaurant scene and pack your bike. The trip is made complete by owning a bike so if you have one, ride it more, if you don’t, head to your local bike shop and get into cycling!

Boasting a massive Youtube scene, there were plenty of great videos to come out of the festival. If you missed your share of the action or want a taste of what Chiang Mai is like in June, check these out.


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