The First Vegan City – Turin Mayor Announces Changes

vegan city

A welcome change

It recently came out that the mayor of Turin is going to begin implementing policy changes to make Turin the first vegan city in Italy. With a desired focus on pushing vegan diets within the next five years, mayor Chiara Appendino, aims to bring revitalised health to the citizens of Turin and to help our ever degrading environment.

vegan city

Over the coming five years, school children will be educated on the benefits of eating a vegan diet, including health aspects, the impact on the environment and attempting to instil compassion back in human-beings.

Leading medical, nutritional and political experts will help promote a culture of respect in our schools, teaching children how to eat well while protecting the earth and animal rights

The party’s 62 page manifesto stated

The promotion of vegan and vegetarian diets is a fundamental act in safeguarding our environment, the health of our citizens and the welfare of our animals.

Finally, a party that wants to truly counteract the ever increasing degradation of our environment, the planets health and the murder of billions of animals every year.

vegan city

We can only hope the citizens support the initiative and that more cities (or even countries) follow suit.

How is this still a problem?

It’s 2016. How are people not acting to counter the ongoing destruction of our environment, health and animals?

At this rate, we aren’t going to have a planet to live on.

The sad fact is that politicians have no desire to implement nor promote any form of change. This problem starts and ends with them. Unfortunately, there’s no one politician who has the passion or courage to stand up to act against a true world problem.

This is speciesism, greed and ignorance.

Let’s use the US political system for an example.

Politicians, gather support for their campaigns through sponsorship and donations. In fact, behind the NRA, the animal agriculture industry is one of the largest supporters of politicians.

vegan city
For more on the economics of the animal industry, grab yourself a copy of Meatonomics here.

The USDA and US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) have yet again announced they wont take environmental sustainability into consideration. *sigh*

The US meat industry alone has contributed $10.8 million to political campaigns along with $6.9 million directly on lobbying the federal government. Do you really think, politicians would want to go against their sponsors views when they achieve so much funding through their support?

The meat industry does this because they don’t want anyone to speak out and change social norms. They would obviously lose money and become less powerful. The sensible way to keep everything positive is to support the voices that are present on the biggest of stages.

That’s not all.

Let’s just remember the law in the USA is fucked. Well, not just the USA, but the world over.

vegan city

We live in the world where it’s perfectly acceptable to torture and murder one sentient being but then doing the same to a dog would land you a prison sentence.

That’s essentially saying it’s okay to murder sometime from Asia but not the United Kingdom.

We need someone who is willing to go against social norms, not rely on funding and change the current laws and policy to make our world sustainable, healthy and compassionate.

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