The Guide To Anti-Vegan Parents


Parents. They love us, care for us and always want the best for us. But for some, having anti-vegan parents can feel like they’re turning against you.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to do something you’re passionate about, and more often than none I hear people saying they wish they wish they could go vegan, but their parents won’t let them.

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Try these following tips out and see if you can sway your parents, and remember being vegan is your choice and not theirs!

1) Explain Why

It may sound very out the blue if you suddenly tell them you’re going vegan with no explanation why. Whether it’s for ethics or health, let them know! Show them that you’ve thought it through and are doing it for a genuine reason, not just a fad diet.

A lot of the older generation doesn’t tend to understand veganism, and this lack of understanding may cause them to be against it. Be calm, and just explain your thinking.

2) Educate Them

Show them news articles, documentaries, anything that will grab their attention. You’re not trying to turn them vegan, just let them have an insight into why you believe in veganism so strongly.

With the triple whammy of Earthlings, Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, it will certainly give them something to think about!

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It will show that you’ve done your research, and have reasons behind your beliefs.

3) Show Them Successful Vegans

Vegan athlete Barney Deplessis

Show them actors, models, athletes, and business people, everyone you can think of! Let them know that vegans aren’t just hippies with dreadlocks that they may assume, and that you can be happy and healthy.

It will give them confidence that you can thrive on a vegan diet, and that you’re not the only person in the world who wants to do it.

4) Cook Vegan With Them

My mum cooking a vegan banana cake was the hallelujah moment for me, I didn’t have to ask! Showing anti-vegan parents that cooking vegan doesn’t just include salad is a big thing.

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Have fun cooking with them, whether it’s desserts or a main, showing the variety of different foods available is key.

5) Eat Vegan With Them

The amount of times my parents have been impressed with eating vegan food is uncountable. Taking them to a vegan restaurant is the perfect way to demonstrate the amount of variety available.

It also creates a positive and lighthearted way to talk about veganism and vegan food, plus you might just get a free meal out of it!

Anti-Vegan Parents Are Convincible

It’s rare 100% of parents will be completely okay with their kid going vegan from the get go. With all the negative press it gets, who blames them?

However in the end, it’s your choice. It’s your choice, and you choose what goes into your body. With time they will almost always come around, and hopefully trying these tips may just show them how amazing being vegan can be.

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