The Hypocrisy Of The RSPCA Assured Campaign


I used to be a huge lover and supporter of the RSPCA. Their work has saved countless lives of animals, and their work is always plastered over the TV and media. However, the hypocrisy of the RSPCA Assured brand has now become too much to handle.

The cause of this hypocrisy is their ‘RSPCA assured’ campaign. In this, they show people which farms and slaughterhouses match their ‘standards’ and encourage people to buy from them.


So, the charity that works tirelessly to save pets from abusive owners and conditions actively supports the slaughter and consumption of other animals. Why do they think that it is ethically okay to save a dog from misery but encourage people to consume a pig?

It’s laughable when you take a look at their social media. They have a post saying how well animals like chickens and pigs can swim, and then on the same page they have a vendor selling pig flesh at a local fair.

rspca h

The best thing about their social media is the comments. There are hundreds of people commenting, saying how yes pigs love to swim, and they can also feel pain. Stop the slaughter, why love one not the other, etc.

This is SO amazing to see! Who knows if all of these people are vegan or not, the important thing is they are seeing the hypocrisy of the RSPCA assured. Their eyes are being opened.

The RSPCA is supposed to be a charity that protects animals, that keeps them safe and free from harm. Not sticking a label on their dead corpses so that people feel less guilty about eating them.

Pictures of their ‘high welfare pork’ stand at a fair demonstrate the hypocrisy and the stupidity of the RSPCA. They claim they are not a veggie/vegan organisation because too many people are not veggie/vegan, so they focus on the welfare of the animals and improve their quality of life.

pulled pork

“The reality is that the majority of people eat meat, or products from animals, and are likely to continue to do so. We are not encouraging people to eat meat but we are encouraging people who choose to eat meat, dairy, eggs or fish products to choose products that have come from an animal that has had a better life farmed to RSPCA welfare standards”

“The alternative is to sit on the sidelines and make little or no difference.”

They claim that they are not encouraging people to eat meat, yet they have multiple meat recipes on their FB page and encourage people to go to their meat stalls. Sounds pretty encouraging to me.

They also state that by promoting veganism they are sitting on the sidelines and make no difference! Wow. This is unbelievable. How about instead of advertising eggs and meat along with recipes for veal and chicken on your site, you simply advertise a vegan alternative? Or how about instead of pussy footing around this issue of animal welfare, you stop the demand for animal products in the first place.

So, instead of helping more people become veggie/vegan, they’re more focused on the money and popularity. Instead of creating a stall selling Jackfruit baps or vegan alternatives, they lazily serve the flesh of an animal. An animal welfare charity serving the flesh of an animal. Odd.

What does RSCPA Assured have to say?

Possibly the most awful part of this page, are the RSPCA assured replies to comments.

rspca assured

They admit to gassing male baby chicks, yet still try to call themselves an animal welfare charity. I weep for the people that work for this ‘charity’.

“there is unfortunately little alternative than to euthanise male chicks”

Correction, you just stop needlessly producing eggs and raising animals for nothing but meat and treating them like commodities. Sounds like a pretty good alternative to me.

90% of the comments on their Facebook page are calling out this hypocrisy, something that I really love to see. Maybe once the hypocrisy of the RSPCA assured campaign is made abundantly clear, they’ll stop encouraging people to eat the flesh of animals that they say they want to protect.

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