The Official Animal Rights March London

animal rights march

Free on the 29th October? The official animal rights march is taking place in London.

Every year in the UK alone, 8 billion animals are killed. That’s 8 billion other living beings who deserve life as much as you and me. They’re slaughtered without a second thought.

In our society, sadly, animals aren’t equal. We treasure dogs and cats but torture and murder billions of cows and pigs. In one case you would be arrested for animal abuse and the other you would be making a living from exploiting animals.

It’s not just the animals though. It’s the environment and our health. If we stopped exploiting animals, greenhouse emissions would decline drastically, completely slowly global warming. The worlds health would increase, heart disease, the worlds biggest killer would affect only a fraction of people.

animal rights march

Yet, the government has no care. The facts are laid out in front of them but they have no desire, no political will to invoke change. This is a chance to get your voice heard and show solidarity with animals, other vegans and the world.

To see the event, please click here.

On Saturday 29th October make history by joining the UK’s biggest ever animal rights march.

Every day animals are exploited and killed in their millions. They have no rights and their voices are never heard.

We know that a different future for animals is possible. Veganism offers a clear alternative to the current system for exploitation and death of animals.

animal rights march

We will march on Westminster in a wave of colour using all of our creative skills to create an animal rights march bigger, brighter, louder than the UK has ever witnessed.

We’re going to evoke the spirit of the great marches of the past. We will walk in the footsteps of the Suffragettes, the trade unionists and anti-apartheid marches of yesteryear.

This march will be historical, unmistakeable and powerful…

Our demands for politicians and business are simple:


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