The One Thing Missing From Presidential Debates 2016

presidential debates 2016

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have been hiding in a cave for the last few months, the US presidential debates 2016 have been raging on. From immigration to gun control, almost all the key topics have been covered. Almost.

The one key thing missing from these debates, has been climate change. There has now been four debates in a row, without a single mention of climate change. How has this happened? Forget terrorism, this is the biggest threat facing our entire world. Yet, it hasn’t been mentioned even once.


Why has this happened? Almost everyone knows climate change is a serious issue which will affect our children’s future, but no one is ready to tackle it. That’s because it’s not viewed as an issue for us right now. It doesn’t present the same sense of urgency as the war in Syria or the use of nuclear weapons. It’s an issue we’ve been warned about for years, and has almost become background noise.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The US is the second largest polluting country in the world, giving out almost twice as much CO2 as the EU as a whole.


It’s hard to remember just how important climate change is when Donald Trump rambles on about Muslims and walls, yet it’s vital to. When sea levels rise, where will those who lose their homes go? The presidential debates 2016 are always focusing on immigration, but what about future immigration?

The Great Barrier Reef is almost dead, the Amazon is being destroyed, and we’re emitting more gas from animal agriculture than ever before. Yet, everyone seems to forget that the world exists beyond economics and controlling borders.

presidential debates 2016

Mexican immigration will feel like small game when your great-grandchildren are suffering in a world you contributed in destroying.

Let’s not forget, Trump genuinely claimed global warming was a ‘hoax made by the Chinese’. Tell that to those that are losing their homes.

The saddest part of the presidential debates 2016


The worst part is, the two presidential candidates actually have the power to do something. If they grew the balls to man up and work towards reducing the consumption of animal products, they could make a genuine difference. Not only would climate change slow down, they would save water, help the hungry, and help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Yet, this will never happen. From the US egg industry supporting the White House to the enormous economic investments in animal products, greed will always be at heart. Don’t worry about Syrian refugees destroying your country, look at your own actions.

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