The Tab, How They Got Veganism Wrong

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Many of us (the educated that is), know that The Tab is not exactly one of the most highly esteemed pieces of journalism out there. However, it’s reached new levels of pissing off vegans and generally making veganism seem like self inflicted torture. Oh but it’s okay, as they have ‘a nutritionists’ advice. A nutritionist who truly believes that pregnant mothers should adopt ‘a seaweed diet’. Prepare yourselves.

What happens to your body when you turn vegan

Although their article “What happens to your body when you go vegan” gets off to a reasonable start, stating multiple reasons why someone may convert to veganism, it takes just 3 short paragraphs before nonsense starts being spewed across the internet.

Vegans are entirely dependent on supplements for certain nutrients and vitamins.

Yes, according to nutritionist Dr Combet, us poor vegans are entirely dependent on supplements. Don’t mind me and hundreds of other vegans currently at the Raw Till 4 Bile Fest, I’ve ridden over 250km this week and am going to be cycling for 10 hours tomorrow. Not a supplement in sight.

the tab

So, what supplements are vegans apparently depriving themselves of? B12, zinc, iron, iodine, protein and Omega-3. Yawn, how many times have we heard this? Yes, although B12 is typically found in animal products, the majority of the population could still be B12 deficient and not even know it. Vegans can eat B12 fortified foods such as milks, soy products and cereals. Either way, almost everyone should probably take B12 vitamins.

As for zinc, vegans eat tons of food rich with it, such as tofu, tempeh, legumes and grains, and most definitely don’t need to be taking supplements. Iron is found in leafy greens and broccoli, iodine is found in cranberries and potatoes, and protein can be found in beans, legumes, soy milk, pretty much everything. As for Omega-3, walnuts are one of the most Omega-3 rich foods you can find. Ta-dah, not a supplement in sight.

the tab

Lo and behold, one of their serious arguments against veganism also seems to be ‘You may lose weight’. Oh no, in a country where the majority of the population are overweight, is this really the issue at hand here? Shouldn’t this be one of the major reasons to go vegan in the first place?

Perhaps the boldest statement of all, is that pregnant women not getting enough Iodine from animal products, quote, “will lead to mental retardation” in their unborn children. So despite thousands of women having thousands of healthy vegan pregnancies, the media is still trying to fear monger women to eat damaging animal products.

They then bang on about supplements and food being expensive and hard to find, which really isn’t true, yet The Tab does end on a positive note. With Dr. Travers stating, “I would say that in terms of the environment, a vegetarian or vegan diet is better and as a nation we do eat more meat than is necessary for health.”

Thank goodness someone speaks some sense.

Whoever is in charge of The Tab, should really put more effort and research into their articles.

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