Theresa May Fox Hunt Protester Assaulted By Police


Yesterday, during her visit to Wrexham, Theresa May arrived to a community centre, to be greeted by a peaceful protester. The man, who called himself Connor, held a flag, blew a horn and shouted for what he believed in. To ensure fox hunting is not re-introduced.

Instead of the right to peaceful protest, he was assaulted by members of the North Wales Police force.

Police officers claim he was arrested for breach of the peace following a seemingly peaceful protest.

Breach of the peace is loosely defined as a “public disturbance, or an act considered likely to cause one.”

However, it seems as though the police officers were abusing their powers simply because Connor was protesting with an alternate idea.

I wonder if the police would have reacted in the same way had it been Jeremy Corbyn or Tim Farron…

As he was grabbed, Connor continued to shout in protest.

“This is the fascist state that we are living in under Theresa May’s regime,” he yelled.

He said he was protesting about the repeal of the foxhunting Act, fracking, austerity, “the lot”.

“I’ve not done nothing wrong,” he added.

Another demonstrator told police that Connor had “done nothing wrong” and described their response as a “farce”.

This can only be good press, though. Over recent days Theresa May has experienced both ‘Wobbly Wednesday’ and the Tories’ ‘Wobbly Weekend’ during her efforts to garner support for the Conservatives in the run up to the General Election on June 8th.

The arrest of Connor has only cast further shadow onto the ever-weakening Conservative party. Following the news that Theresa May would support re-introducing fox hunting, she has faced criticism from all sides and has lost voters purely over this issue.

Theresa May continued her visit to the Wrexham community centre as planned.

The Prime Minister has said that she has never been fox hunting but suggested that it was a way of keeping “fox numbers down”. This is in fact a complete fabrication of the truth.

This excuse for fox hunting has led to many experts proclaim that hunting is cruel and not required ecologically.

Regardless of researchers findings, whether it keeps fox numbers down or not, it’s a barbaric practice.

The fox population is natural. The only reason animal population numbers are affected is either due to human impact or the environments natural evolution. Unfortunately, nature had no plans for guns, bullets and sadistic people.


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