Things That Happen When You’re Vegan

Things that happen when you're vegan

Things that happen when you’re vegan

Many people don’t realise but there’s a number of things that happen when you’re vegan. We’ve made a list for all those who have ever wondered.

You get really fucking healthy

Not just that ‘oh I’ve got good skin’ kinda healthy but you start to feel more alive. When you start eating vegan high carb and keeping your fat intake low, you’ll have more energy than ever. Want to know about the best thing about the energy too? It’s real, not that fake buzz you get after drinking coffee. You can really get shit done. If you want to do some epic exploring or get seriously fit then you’ll be more able than you ever have been. Not consuming meat and dairy means our bodies aren’t under the struggle of trying to digest foods that aren’t meant to be eaten. We aren’t having access fat sit on our brain and keep us tired, we aren’t having the growth hormone and carcinogens pollute our bodies. We’re just able to do more. The main reason we have extra energy though is that we know we’re taking a stand and changing the world, one person at a time.

You realize how backwards the world is

It’s meant to be the 21st century right? Well why the fuck is our environment the worst it’s ever been, obesity and health related illness is on the rise and we’re murdering more animals than ever? I thought we were meant to be ‘intelligent’.

As frustrating as it may be this gives us power. Evoking an emotion as strong as frustration and anger should emit an equally as powerful desire to make change happen. When you’re vegan you want to change the world. It’s only when you become vegan and realize how important every single individual person changing their daily habits is. People say it all the time but never act- be the change you want to see in the world. Be vegan.

It’s not hard, at all.

Like many, before going vegan, I thought the lifestyle would be difficult and impossible to maintain. 2 years on, here I am, still vegan with everything better than ever.

No, its not expensive if you don’t want it to be, and no I haven’t died of protein deficiency. It’s easy to eat out and in fact, many meat based restaurants are likely to cater for you if there’s nothing on the menu you can eat. I can take people out for dinner to amazing vegan restaurants and show them the amazing, abundant food I can eat as a vegan. In reality it’s easy. There’s a big difference between being interested in going vegan and actually being vegan. If you’re committed to it then you’ll find it a breeze, if you’re just interested then many people make up excuses about how difficult it’ll be. It’s not difficult, it’s easy!

You learn that not everyone can become vegan

As a polar opposite to the heading may suggest, everyone can be vegan. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, how much you earn or what your ‘genetic makeup’ is, everyone can and should be vegan. The reason for the heading is that a lot of people don’t want to be vegan. No matter how many times you might explain the benefits and how it’s the way we should live our lives, there are a few who just wont listen. It’s come to the point now where I know who is completely ignorant and who is open minded.

The way I see it, is that you’re better off spending your energy focusing on spreading the message to lots of open minded people rather than trying to sell it to someone who is blatantly too blissfully ignorant. Some people are just too fucking dumb to even want to learn the truth and make up constant lies that pollute the truth and your message. This has to be one of the saddest things about being vegan, especially if your loved ones are this way. On the positive side, more and more people are becoming vegan, health trends show that vegan is becoming one of the most popular searched diets out there. This is thanks to the open minded ‘millennial’ generation changing the game. The future’s bright.

You realize how gross animal products are

It’s only when you become vegan you look back and think ‘shit, that stuff really is vile’. Becoming vegan and realizing that milk is never meant for humans and contains puss, and that meat is one of the most well known carcinogens. These are facts your shielded from as a typical animal consumer, which is something the meat and dairy industry do very well to cover up (along with governments and politicians).

When you realize the pain and suffering animals go through, seeing their throats slit open, forcefully inseminated and so weak they can barely stand, you question humanity. You can’t be a human if you think it’s okay to murder innocent animals, it’s no different to murdering a human. We’re all sentient beings and we’re all important (humans arguably less so considering how much we’ve fucked the world).

When presenting an animal to a newborn baby, does it sink it’s teeth into the animal and start eating it’s raw flesh? No. It cuddles it, plays with it and strokes it. It’s not natural for humans to eat meat, there’s no way you can disagree with that.

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