Tiger Temple To Open New Facility | More Tigers To Be Enslaved

tiger temple

The company behind Thailand’s controversial Tiger Temple has changed its name to Golden Tiger Co. Ltd. and is planning to open a brand new tiger entertainment facility.

Yet, it isn’t a tiger entertainment attraction, it’s a human entertainment attraction were tigers are wrongfully treated.

According to the World Animal Protection charity: “Construction has already started at the new site in Kachanaburi in the west of Thailand. Given the appalling conditions at the former Tiger Temple, which ultimately led to its closure, we’re urging the Thai government not to activate the full zoo license needed for another tiger entertainment venue to be opened.”

Tiger Temple, a once well-known tourist attraction because of its large collection of tigers, was recorded to have at least 147 tigers in 2016. Following allegations of illegal breeding and trafficking of tigers and their parts, more than 500 officers from the Department of National Parks (DNP) raided the venue in May of 2016.

Their findings were astonishing. Officers found dozens of dead cubs in freezers alongside tiger skins, amulets and tiger teeth trinkets. Around 147 live tigers were confiscated and are currently under the care of the DNP.

Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach, a wildlife and veterinary advisor, said: “Tiger farms have nothing to do with conservation – it just brings extreme suffering to these wild animals whilst living in appalling conditions. These venues need to be stopped in their tracks because they clearly have links to the dark side of wildlife trafficking rings.”

Tigers at attractions such as Tiger Temple regularly drug and abuse the animals in order for tourists to take photos laying by their side.

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