It’s Time Businesses Started Taking Veganism More Seriously


More shops, restaurants and public places need to start adopting a more vegan friendly approach.

Veganism is growing. More and more people are adopting the lifestyle to better their health, reduce their environmental impact and save thousands of animals.

Vegetarianism is dead and vegans are taking over. It’s time business start looking to the future and adapt to the changing market. With so many high street stores and restaurants now catering for vegans (with some making a drastic change to exclusively cater for vegans) some businesses may be left behind.

Veganism has surged by 360% in the last ten years alone. Google search trends for ‘vegan’ and ‘veganism’ have seen a sharp increase in popularity.

It’s now estimated that 5% of the U.K. population is either vegan or at least vegetarian. In the next few years the growth will only be more rapid and we can expect more like 10% to be vegan or vegetarian. That means customers are going to have different needs and demands.

Businesses that fail to keep up and match these demands will likely see a rapid decrease in support and success. It’s not only good for businesses to offer vegan food, but for vegans themselves too.

Having more options available will make the lifestyle wildly more accessible and will help convince more to turn vegan.

That means less suffering animals. Protecting our environment and improving more people’s health.

It’s a future we can all look forward to.


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