Times Square Gets Its First Vegan Billboard

times square

Catskill Animal Sanctuary has placed a vegan billboard in Times Square, encouraging the American public to go vegan during the festive period.

The billboard is the first vegan advert to be shown in Times Square, an iconic commercial intersection in New York City.

The advert includes rescued pig Amelia and Tula the goat, along with the words “Help Her Know Love”, to help persuade the public to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle.

Go Vegan World launched a similar campaign in the UK with vegan averts featuring on buses, taxis and billboards while they also created the first ‘vegan tube station’ with one underground station in London plastered with vegan adverts.

The same campaign generated a lawsuit filed by the dairy industry after they complained the phrase “dairy is inhumane” was unfair. The lawsuit was thrown out of court and it was deemed dairy could be branded “inhumane” in UK advertising.

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