Top Designers Say Vegan Leather Performs Better Than Leather

A top designer believes that vegan leather no longer needs to be an alternative.

vegan leather

Top designer Joshua Katcher, the founder of ‘Brave GentleMan’, believes that vegan leather is now so successful that it is outperforming regular leather products.

The designer said: “Vegan footwear is no longer seen as just an alternative,”

“Many of the recent innovations outperform conventional footwear. We are seeing more and more designers who are using vegan materials, creating designs that are innovative and cutting-edge and cool – very aspirational and desirable.”

He’s not alone, as Stacey Chang, the founder of Veerah, believes that the demands of the younger generation are encouraging the use of vegan leather.

“The purchasing power of the millennial generation has driven the demand for companies to take stock of their practices and be more eco-conscious”

Vegan leather has advanced massively in recent years, with designers now creating products that can repel elements such as water and oil.

Materials such as pineapple and even mushroom roots have been used to create vegan leather, and has been praised for being more environmentally friendly than traditional leather.

Vegan celebrity Miley Cyrus has recently released her very own range of vegan shoes with Converse, along with Kat Von D who has indepently designed her own range of vegan shoes.

With the rising demand for vegan leather, developments in the science behind it are likely to advance even further within the next few years.

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