Trader Joe’s To Drop Deceptive Cage-Free Egg Packaging

The lawsuit was filed back in March 2018.

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A lawsuit against Trader Joe’s has led the retailer to agree to pull their misleading cage-free egg packing from shelves across the US.

The consumer protection lawsuit was filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, after Trader Joe’s used misleading images on their cage-free eggs.

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The images arguably lead customers to believe that the eggs came from chickens living in green open spaces, whereas in reality they resided in confined, indoor spaces.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells said: “It’s important for consumers to realise that ‘cage-free’ doesn’t mean ‘cruelty-free’.”

“There’s widespread confusion among consumers about egg labeling due to the failure of the federal government to properly regulate egg labels.”

“Unfortunately, the lack of labeling regulations allows egg producers to mislead consumers with undefined terms like ‘natural,’ ‘cage-free’, and ‘free range’, or with slogans and imagery depicting idyllic scenarios that do not match the cruel reality of life for most laying hens.”

The lawsuit was filed by the ALDF back in March 2018, with Trader Joe’s agreeing to pull the packaging just three months later.

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