Transitioning To Vegan, Are You Being Flaky?

transitioning to vegan

In the vegan/veggie community, there’s a lot of discussion around people transitioning to vegan, and whether it should be encouraged or not. For example, someone stating that they are transitioning to vegan over the next 6 months. Some would applaud them, other would call them flaky, and not doing enough for the animals.

That’s 6 more months of consuming animal products when you know the horrors of how they’re produced.

I didn’t go vegan overnight, I was vegetarian for 6 months beforehand. However, during those 6 months I didn’t really have any intention of going vegan. I also didn’t truly know the truth behind dairy and eggs. I wasn’t transitioning, as I didn’t have a plan or date to go vegan.

What I did do, was finally get around to watching cowspiracy, and learn the truth about eggs and dairy. Then I decided to simply go vegan. Easy. So although I wasn’t vegan right off the bat, I didn’t have a flaky 6 month ‘transitioning’ period to make myself feel better. I simply wasn’t informed yet.

The frustrating thing about people claiming they are transitioning to vegan, is that they know well and good being vegan is the right thing to do. They know this, as they plan to be vegan. What they do however, is pussy foot around the subject. There is no need to spend 6 months mentally preparing yourself to give up animal products for good.

In fact, transitioning to vegan can do more harm than good. When will you decide to actually make the jump and go full vegan? A week, a month, a year? It puts off the inevitable, and drags out the entire process for no good reason.

Transitioning to vegan doesn’t help the animals or the environment, and can make the transition harder for you too. It’s like ripping off a plaster. Once you know the horror behind the industry, take action.

I wish I had gone vegan in one step, as I spent 6 months not being as ethical as I could be. My mistake was not informing/educating myself.

If you are thinking of transitioning to vegan, well done, you’re on the right path. You can edge yourself into it if you’d like, but more like a week than 6 months to a year. Use up what’s left in your cupboards, and then make sure you never contribute to that cruel industry ever again. 

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