TripAdvisor Revises View Against Animal Tourism

The travel website has clamped down on what it will and won't sell on its site.


Travel website TripAdvisor has announced this week that it has added to its policies on animal tourism and animal exploitation.

Back in 2016, the site introduced a policy that banned ticket sales for attractions where tourists could come into contact with exploited animals, such as dolphins and tiger petting zoos.

The new policies expand on this, outlining that the company will not support “specific experiences where captive wild or endangered animals are forced to perform demeaning tricks or other unnatural behaviours in front of the general public, or where they are featured as part of a live circus or stage entertainment act in a demeaning manner (including imitating humans, such as dressing up in costume).”

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TripAdvisor will continue to sell tickets to events that it classes as ‘educational’, such as interacting with spiders, horseback riding and petting zoos.

TripAdvisor Head of Industry Relations Sally Davey said: “The changes we’ve announced today reflect our ongoing commitment to help drive positive change within the tourism industry,”

 “Tourist activities have a huge impact on wild animals around the world, and while that impact can often be positive, such as helping to fund important conservation efforts, it can be negative too.”

Instagram has also been doing its part to clamp down on animal exploitation by tourists on their holidays, by changing the way in which users can view hashtags such as #tigerselfie.

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