Trolltunga- Why Even Hiking Noobs Should Come Here


Imagine feeling as if you’re at the edge of the earth. There is no one is around and you are perching on a rock 2,300ft over possibly the most beautiful lake you have ever seen. Sound like something to go on your bucket list? Most definitely. Norway is known as ‘land of the giants’ and once you have been, you will never question why. Trolltunga is a popular destination in Norway, translating as The Trolls Tongue and it gives you the opportunity to take some of the most amazing photos that you may ever take. However, sadly like many natural wonders, it can be flooded with tourists and trekkers. If you want to get the best out of this experience, get ready to pack your tent.


Chances are, if you’re heading to Norway and want to see Trolltunga, you’re not frightened of a bit of walking. At a glance, it seems relatively easy, 11km there and then the same back? No worries. However, whoever declared that this is an 11km journey should never be trusted, as it feels suspiciously longer.

Although you can head there and back in a day at a fast pace, there is no doubt that you will get caught up with every other single person, family and crazy Norwegian carrying a baby on their back doing the exact same thing. You also face a ticking clock, as when it gets dark in Norway, it does so quickly and dangerously.

trolltunga signtrolltunga signtrolltunga sign

You do not want to find yourself stranded when the temperature drops. Although there is no denying that it is made considerably harder doing the trek with a large rucksack and tent, you will find every second worth it. Not only can you allow yourself to take your time and stop along the way, but you also get to enjoy Trolltunga completely alone.

Waking up after camping and having it just minutes away from you is an indescribable feeling. It is just you, your thoughts, and one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, all to yourself. I myself am by no means a camping expert, this is the first time I’ve even been in a tent for years, but not only do you feel like you have an edge over everyone that goes and has to queue, but it gives you serious bragging rights to your friends back home.

It’s not an easy trek by any means. Some parts of the year you have to walk over frozen glaciers and negotiate some truly horrendous mud, so do not expect it to be easy. If you want the easy route, go for the day. If you want to feel extra special and smug and put a great big tick on your bucket list, dig a little deeper and camp. Sure, it sucks having to carry all your items and it will take an extra day, but if you want as much as you can out of the experience, sometimes you’ve just got to grit your teeth for the rough bits and then gloat when you reap the benefits.

trolltunga metrolltunga me

Looking back on my Trolltunga experience

No picture will ever capture how it feels, and you leave knowing that what you experienced is all yours, a private moment that you have earned. It is a tough trek with a heavy bag, but when do the best things in life ever come easily?

It may sound tough, but if I can do it, a hiking virgin who hasn’t camped since she was in Brownies, then anyone can.

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