How To Turn Your Family Vegan Over Christmas

vegan christmas guide

Turn your family vegan over Christmas

For some people the thought of Christmas with your omni family can send a shiver down your spine. For others, it can be a golden opportunity to turn your family vegan over Christmas.

Now, yes, they probably aren’t going to stop eating that turkey during Christmas dinner and immediately jump on the vegan train. All you need to do is plant the seed and help it grow. Opening peoples eyes to the effect they’re having and the harsh reality of eating animal products is often the only thing needed to start them on their path.

Slip a bit of vegan propaganda in their stocking

Documentaries for film lovers and books for book lovers. There’s plenty of great material out there that will get them thinking and are also incredible reads/watches. Think things like Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives or The China Study and Reversing Diabetes. Obviously you’ll have to think what the family member might actually enjoy too. They’ll be way more likely to read or watch it if it appeals to them.

vegan over christmas

Animal lover? Earthlings or Racing Extinction. Environmentalist? Cowspiracy. Health freak? Forks Over Knives and The China Study. There’ll be something for everyone.

Know your stuff

Especially at dinner, you might find yourself at the end of a barrage of questions or insults. Be knowledgeable about a wide range of issues such as the environment, treatment of animals and our health.

I can guarantee you a vegan lifestyle is the best way to combat everything from deforestation and climate change to diabetes and cancer. It will sit a lot more prominently in an omni’s mind if you convey strong, impactful facts rather than just bickering.

If you want to get started on learning, I suggest heading over here!

The food

vegan over christmas

I’m guessing you probably have your own vegan meal where minimal effort has gone in compared to the feast they’ve prepared for themselves. This year, push for a completely vegan Christmas lunch. If you want to turn them vegan over Christmas, there’s no better way than to have them eat all the amazing vegan food.

vegan over christmas

The mindset of most people is that we must eat lettuce and carrots all day long. Give them those lovely nut roasts, delicious vegetables and those huge vegan chocolate cakes and Christmas puddings for dessert. Buy vegan ice cream and other treats to satisfy their cravings.

If you show them how good eating vegan can be, what’s to say with a little more pushing they wont take the whole jump?

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