UK Fitness Guru With 500k Followers Goes Vegan!

uk fitness guru

Instagram is the new playing field for fitness gurus, where abs and bum workouts feel most at home. An extremely popular UK fitness guru on the site is Grace Fit UK, who has collected over half a million followers and is also on Youtube.

With abs of steel and a bum Kim K would be jealous of, thousands of girls look up to her for health and fitness advice, as well as inspiration.

Grace has been vegetarian for a long amount of time, however has recently announced via her Instagram that she has now been vegan for 2 months.

It’s not been much of a shock for many of her fans, as her posts and stories have steadily been heading in a more plant based direction. Regularly posting pictures of vegan food, she has been showing her 500 thousand followers the benefits of a plant based diet.

Grace is also on Youtube, where she has already gained over 150,000 subscribers, and is likely to gain many more.

She is not the first UK fitness guru to be promoting a vegan diet, with those such as Naturally Stefanie and Princess Of The Unicorns also demonstrating how strong vegans can be.

It’s amazing to see that Grace is now part of the vegan movement, and can promise her that she will love it. The support on her Instagram has been fantastic, and we’re really looking forward to seeing her video about why she decided to make the switch!

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