UK Public Now Consumes 50 Percent Less Beef


A new report has shown that the UK public now consumes 50 percent less beef and veal than in the 1970s.

The figures, compiled by market research company ReportLinker, show that the British public is now consuming 110 grams less per person per week.

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While beef and veal consumption has dropped, vegetable consumption has been steadily rising.

According to ReportLinker: “UK sales of vegetables and bags of mixed vegetables have been slowly but steadily rising. Data shows that this trend towards eating more greens is forecasted to reach 765K kilos consumed in 2021 compared to 640.4K kilos in 2016.”

The report goes on to say: “Household expenditures on Soya and other novel protein products have shot up significantly since the mid-1990s compared to what they were in previous times and are forecasted to remain right around current levels through 2020.

“These data indicate that people in the UK are seeking more plant-based protein sources to accompany their increased intake of vegetables.”

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