UK Sandwich Brand Launches Three New Vegan Cheese Options

URBAN Eat is launching five new vegan sandwiches to their range, three of which include vegan cheese.

vegan cheese

British sandwich brand ‘URBAN Eat’ has launched five new vegan sandwiches to their ‘roots’ range, three of which contain vegan cheese.

URBAN Eat previously had five vegan sandwiches and wraps on offer, however, the new additions double the number of vegan options available to customers.

The new options include sandwiches, wraps and a panini.

The Pickle Me Up Sandwich has dairy-free cheddar-style cheese with pickle, tomato, red onion and salad leaves.

Meanwhile, the Peto Presto Wrap includes dairy-free mozzarella with pesto, slow roasted tomato, tomato and salad leaves, and the Hot Mozza Bella Panini, has dairy-free mozzarella, sweet chilli peppers, pesto, slow roasted tomato and tomato ragu.

The other two options don’t include vegan cheese.

These are the Dirty Jack Wrap, filled with BBQ jackfruit with ‘Dirty Sauce’, carrot slaw, sweetcorn and salad leaves, and the Avo-Lafel Sandwich, with avocado falafel, red pepper tapenade, pesto, red and yellow pepper and salad leaves.

Isla Owen, Senior Marketing Manager at Adelie Foods told Plant Based News: 

“Innovation and keeping on top of trends is at the heart of our ethos at Adelie and catering for specialised diets such as Vegan is a big focus for us at URBAN eat.

“Meat-free diets are becoming more common than ever, with approximately 12 percent of the UK population now following this type of diet.

“We’re pleased to extend our Roots range with fresh, exciting sandwiches, wraps and paninis that give a real taste explosion. The new products will help retailers and foodservice suppliers cater for the growing market of consumers looking for more free from options during lunchtime.”

The new products will be available in August.

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