UK School Bans Sausage Rolls To Improve Healthy Eating


A school in Bradford has implemented a ban on food items such as sausage rolls, pork pies and pepperoni sticks that are high in fat and salt.

Shirley Manor Primary Academy has come under criticism from some parents claiming that the ban is ‘ridiculous’.

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Many parents fail to understand that experts are beginning to learn of the serious health problems associated with animal products, especially those that are highly processed.

In fact, findings have since lead the World Health Organisation to add processed meats as a level 1 carcinogen, meaning processed meat is known to contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

The organisation also classified red meat as Level 2a, meaning it is ‘probably a carcinogenic to humans’.

Headteacher Heather Lacey said: ‘We want to ensure that our children eat well and grow up understanding the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

‘We have written to parents to let them know how we want to work together from this term to ensure their children eat a balanced meal.

‘It is important that pupils avoid eating too much food that is high in sugar, salt and saturated fats. This includes things like pork pies and sausage rolls, sweets and fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.

‘Children are allowed a treat each day and we have invited parents into school to discuss their children’s dietary needs.’

This is a refreshingly positive move towards a future in which all schools cut down on animal product consumption significantly.

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