UK Set To Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2040


Environment Secretary Michael Gove will propose that all cars on the UK’s road should eventually be electric or hybrid by 2040. The proposed ruling will ban the sale of petrol or diesel cars from 2040 onwards.

It comes as other countries around Europe have taken similar measure, with France being the most recent of them.

While the eventual switch to electric will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many people believe the date is simply too late. 40,000 people currently die every year in the UK from the illegal pollution rates that plague many areas throughout the country.

Michael Gove has been accused of taking a soft approach to climate change and pollution rates in the UK, with the Environment Secretary famously a climate change skeptic.

Read why Michael Gove could be the last nail in the coffin for the UK’s environment.

Local councils will be allowed to impose tough levies on diesel cars from 2040 onwards in order to bring down the levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide emissions. Although it is thought these levies will be allowed, Michael Gove has urged councils not to be tough on diesel drivers.

A Government spokesman said: “Our plan to deal with dirty diesels will help councils clean up emissions hotspots – often a single road – through common sense measures which do not unfairly penalise ordinary working people.

“Diesel drivers are not to blame and to help them switch to cleaner vehicles the government will consult on a targeted scrappage scheme – one of a number of measures to support motorists affected by local plans.”


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