UK Vegan Ice Cream And Where To Get It

uk vegan ice cream

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s may not have reached the UK just yet, however UK vegan ice cream does exist! You just need to know where to look. Gone are the days of just eating sorbet, now we have a huge selection of creamy, dairy free deliciousness!

Booja Booja

uk vegan ice cream

This ice cream looks unbelievable, and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t tried it. Along with the bog standard chocolate and vanilla, they have some uber fancy flavours too.

How about some ginger flavour ice cream? Or what about maple and pecan (OMG)? At £6.99 this is most certainly saved for special occasions, but it looks like it will definitely be worth it.

You can get it from smaller specialist shops, but you’re more likely to get it from good old Waitrose.

Swedish Glace

uk vegan ice cream

If you’ve ever been to Cookies and Scream, this is the magical ice cream that they use. It’s creamy, thick, and most importantly, cheap! In flavours such as chocolate, raspberry and vanilla, this ice cream comes in a pretty big tub and for a pretty good price.

For a mere £2.30, you can go to town with this ice cream. Use it for milkshakes, on top of cakes, or just if you feel like it.

I get mine from Morrison’s, either online or in store.

The Coconut Collaborative

uk vegan ice cream

If you’re nuts for coconuts, then this should be your go to UK vegan ice cream. They specialise in fresh, fruity flavours, such as mango, raspberry, and coconut and vanilla.

For £4.99 per tub, they’re pretty much in the middle of the price spectrum. However, they also create ice cream sticks and yoghurts, all cheaper than the ice cream tubs.

Once again, you can get these vegan delights from Waitrose, or online from Ocado.

These are just a handful of what’s out there, and the choice is growing by the week. Hopefully, Ben and Jerry’s will get the hint!

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