UK Version Of Beyond Burger To Debut in 2018

beyond burger

The US has been enjoying the ‘Beyond Burger’ for some time now, and the UK will get its very own ‘B12 burger’ in 2018, with over 20 grams of protein in each.

Company ‘Moving Mountains Foods’ will be debuting its B12 burger next year, which is a meat like patty fortified with vitamin B12 and bursting with protein.

According to VegNews; “The company’s scientists spent two years developing the plant-based patty made from mushrooms, potatoes, beets, wheat and soy proteins, and coconut oil for a “fatty” consistency—ingredients similar to the popular United States-based Beyond Burger.”

They contain no cholesterol, and are also non GMO. The B12 burgers are designed to mimic meat, just like the Beyond Burger. It sizzles in the pan, looks raw when uncooked, and looks exactly like a ‘real’ burger.

It is set to be the first plant based burger that looks and acts just like meat on sale in the UK.

They will be on sale in restaurants and supermarkets from 2018, but it has not yet been announced how much they will cost.

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