UNILAD Releases Anti-Hunting Documentary

The documentary is the first from a new UNILAD series.


Facebook giant UNILAD has released a documentary looking at the horrors of fox hunting, as part of their new YouTube series.

The 47 minute video was uploaded on the 4th of May, and has already gathered almost 14,000 views, with their post on Facebook gaining over 5,000 reactions.

In the description, UNILAD states: “In the first episode UNILAD’s new original series: ‘The Dark Side of Britain’, we explore whether the ban on hunting foxes with hounds, which was put in place in 2002 in Scotland, and 2005 in England and Wales, has had any affect on the welfare of foxes.”

“UNILAD proudly presents The Dark Side Of Britain: The Hunt.”

The documentary follows a group of hunt saboteurs over a period of three days, as they attempt to stop hunts from taking place.

The Hunting Act put in place in 2005 bans the use of dogs to hunt foxes and other mammals, however, many find ways around this.

According to PETA: “An exemption to the act allows hunters to use up to two hounds to flush out foxes in order to shoot them, and this makes it extremely easy for groups to hunt illegally with dogs by claiming they’re only flushing the foxes out to shoot.”

“The Hunt” takes a look at these loopholes, and talks to those who abuse the rules to carry on hunting.

It features footage from hunt saboteurs being attacked, having their cars smashed, and foxes being ripped apart by hounds.

While there is a ban in place, this documentary helps to highlight that more needs to be done to protect foxes from hunters.

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