Unilever Back Bid To Ban Animal Testing

Unilever is working with the HSI to end cosmetic animal testing.


Consumer goods company Unilever is working with The Humane Society International in a global bid to end cosmetic animal testing.

Unilever owns global brands such as Dove, Lynx and TRESemme, and has become the first beauty giant to put its effort into such a bid.

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The campaign pushes for legislative reform in the beauty industry to prohibit animal testing for cosmetic products.

David Blanchard, Unilever’s chief research and development officer said:

“We’re very hopeful that through collaboration – amongst companies, NGOs and governments – it will soon be possible to assess the safety of all cosmetics products without any need for animal testing anywhere in the world,” 

The news that Unilever is backing such a bid comes as a surprise to many, with Unilever goods currently being sold in China, therefore requiring animal testing by law.

Unilever’s largest beauty brand, Dove, has also demonstrated its dedication to becoming cruelty-free.

Dove has recently gained cruelty-free accreditation from PETA and will feature the cruelty-free logo on its products from 2019.

Animal testing for cosmetics causes horrific harm to the animals involved.

Tests can cause blindness, internal bleeding and even death.

The use of animals to test cosmetics or their ingredients has been banned in the UK since 2013.


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