US Prisons Will Rehabilitate Prison Inmates With A Vegan Diet


Pensylvania state prisons will begin transitioning inmates to a plant-based diet and measure changes in reported aggressive behaviour.

The trial will begin in November and will see 200 volunteer inmates eating a plant-based diet. Set up by retired State Trooper Matt Harris, the initiative is part of a larger program titled “The Redemption Project”.

Harris said, the purpose is to “[see] if the diet changes their behaviour in prison, and we think it does.”

Prisoners will regularly have their blood taken by health professionals and have their glucose and sugar levels tested regularly.

The program will also see prisoners nearing the end of their term in jail receive culinary training to help prevent the number of people who return to jail later in life.

Nathaniel comes from a background of cycling and fitness. After eating a regular diet for most of his life, he came across the vegan lifestyle 3 years ago and has never looked back. Nathaniel considers himself an animal lover, environmentalist and keen cyclist while promoting the vegan lifestyle along the way. He's now a registered personal trainer, gym instructor and currently working his way towards a Sport, Fitness and Coaching degree.

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