Vegan Advert To Be Screened In Cinemas Across UK


Thanks to Bristol-based charity Viva!, two million people will see vegan adverts across cinemas in the United Kingdom.

Viva! has launched a crowdfunding effort to pay for the new campaign, which will aim to raise £100,000.

The campaign is called Bring Hope To Millions and will begin showing on big screens towards the end of 2017. It has also been announced that an anonymous donor will match all donations to a total of £50,000, meaning every donation is doubled.

Vegan Beyond Burger is now being served in cinemas!

According to a spokesperson: “Viva! has compiled a catalogue of shocking footage from investigations into British farms, challenging government and industry’s claims that we have the ‘highest animal welfare standards in the world’. 

“Viva!’s Bring Hope to Millions campaign will show audiences the powerful contrast between Hope’s life at the sanctuary and pigs living in the confinement of intensive farms across Britain.”

Founder and Director of Viva!, Juliet Gellatley, explained the significance of this campaign: “Basic natural instincts such as rooting, foraging and nest building are unavailable to pigs on intensive farms. Breeding sows are caged and can’t even turn around for much of the time.  

“The beautiful footage of Hope and her family at the sanctuary demonstrates how pigs should live and is in stark contrast to the lives of farmed animals. 

“Most people have never seen a pig living freely and the contrasts shown in our cinema advert will affect them deeply.”

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