Vegan American Diner To Open In The UK


Grumpy Panda has opened its doors in Gateshead, Newcastle. It becomes the first vegan American diner in the North-East of the United Kingdom.

The diner serves up all the classics. You can find ‘Pigless Pudding’, ‘Baecon’ and ‘Eggz’ as well as waffles with a variety of animal product free toppings.

It also sells ‘The Mac ‘n Stack’ (vegan mac ‘n cheese), ‘Chikin ‘n Waffles’, ‘Chili Cheez’ hotdogs and ‘Pastramee’ grilled sandwiches.

While they do offer coffee that contains milk, the restaurant and food prep area is completely separate from the coffee bar ensuring no cross contamination.

‘We started out as an events catering company and found the North East was lagging behind on the vegan scene,’ the restaurant’s website reads.

‘So out popped our lovely little diner, right in the heart of Gateshead town centre,’

‘As it comes, everything on our diner menu is served 100% vegan!’

A vegan American diner that serves junk food junk food, did I mention they allow dogs too?


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