Vegan Assaulted By Southern Rail Employee

vegan assaulted

Many people don’t agree with vegans, but that doesn’t justify ever assaulting them. Southern Rail is in a sticky situation after it was revealed that one of their employees in Sussex threw a bucket of soapy water over a vegan who was doing chalk artwork outside of the station.

So, what was this artwork that was so triggering to the employee? Simply the statement;

‘nothing humane ever happens in the slaughterhouse’

Hardly emotionally attacking or provocative is it? However, it was enough to compel this woman to assault a member of the public.

vegan assaulted

Vegan chalk artwork has become popular across the country, because of its easy and temporary way to leave messages that will be seen by the public. As it simply washes away with rain, it doesn’t affect the location in which it is done, and can easily be removed.

Amazingly, Southern Rail tried to justify their employees actions.

this “campaigner” is affecting everyone at our station – not just us but our tenants and the shops – and has on several occasions been scrawling slogans on the platform, by the ticket gates and outside the shops. Our staff member was literally having to follow him around to clean up afterwards and was clearly goaded.’

Is some chalk writing on the floor really that upsetting to grown adults? The ‘slogans’ that he was ‘scrawling’ are simply facts and figures, and is information that everyone should know about. And does the staff member having to walk around the station to clear up a little bit of chalk justify pouring soapy water all over him? Give me a break.

This employee has a responsibility to act in a certain way, and she went against this. If it was anything else written in chalk, such as facts about sexism or poverty, there is no way this would have happened.

You cannot simply assault someone because you disagree with the message they are putting out there. After all, it’s only a bit of chalk. A vegan assaulted by a member of staff should never happen.


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