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Now, this might seem like a sponsored post. Like I’m being paid to say this. I’m not. This is genuinely the best sports kit I’ve ever worn.

Late last year I managed to get hold of a black jersey, fluro pink jersey and a black pair of bib shorts. They’ve since launched a few new colours and designs which we’d love to get our hands on.

Set them freeeeeeeeeee!

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I’ve been sitting on the Vegan Athletic kit for a while, waiting to get some decent weather. I’ve taken it out on a fair few rides and now I know what this stuff is really made of. Gold.

When Vegan Athletic launched in early 2016, I was sceptical. So often vegan branded kit is of a poor fit, ugly design and not something you want to wear.

When I saw the first few jersey designs by Vegan Athletic, I knew it was going to be different…

Let’s start with the kit

It’s awesome. Seriously. The jerseys use a mesh-like fabric to keep you cool and the fit is spot on. The pocket design on the rear fits everything you need and they’re strong enough to absolutely pack them. Another typical weak spot of a jersey is it’s zip. This one feels strong and as though it’s really made to last.

vegan athletic review

These things are all minor. What you’d expect from any high-quality kit.

The real game changers are the sleeves, colours and neckline. NEVER have I worn a jersey with sleeves as good as these. I’ve worn plenty of custom jerseys and a whole pile of brands, none of them even compare to the sleeves on the Vegan Athletic jerseys.

They’re near elbow length and are tight. Real tight. They don’t bunch up, slide to your arm pit or flap around in the wind. They’re flush, tight and look awesome.

Then there’s the colours. These jerseys are beautiful. In all sense of the word.

The colours and detailing are phenomenal. There’s something for everyone, whether you want plain black, grey or a fluro lemon. You’re spoilt for choice. In fact, if I could, I’d order every single colour they offer.

The neckline is another favourite of mine. Many jerseys I own or have owned in the past are too straight. They run too high on your neck and to get them to sit flush you have to do the zip up so high you can’t breath. With the Vegan Athletic kit it’s completely different. The collar sits around your neck perfectly whether that’s with the zip half way down or rammed to the top.

vegan athletic apparel review

The jersey is the best I’ve ever worn.

The bib shorts

The shorts are, you guessed it, incredible. The chamois is one of the most comfortable I’ve ridden and still feels solid after long rides and washing. What really gets me about the shorts is the bib. The mesh straps that come up over your shoulders are the epitome of comfort. They’re soft, breathable and tough. They sit against your skin nicely and really feel like quality.

The Vegan Athletic bib shorts are designed and manufactured to last you a very long time… but still Fast AF.

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I know a huge amount of effort went into getting the colouring and logos on the shorts spot on. Vegan Athletic were worried about logos fading on the shorts with wear. What they’ve done instead is to sew a really well-thought patch onto the shorts. I think it looks pretty good and you definitely don’t need to worry about any fading.

Another key feature is that the ends of the legs don’t slide up like many other shorts and once they’re in place they stay there. Another great thing to have and one less thing to annoy or worry you while riding your bike.

vegan athletic review

The only very slight thing I’d be keen to see in future is maybe some meshed panels on the shorts to improve breathability. Although, as I said, a very minor point.

A few more thoughts on the kit

The sizing is regular. You have your small, medium and large etc. but every jersey feels like it’s been custom made for you, with your own specific measurements.

It’s actually astonishing to see how well thought out every little detail is. I can only imagine the time and effort that went into making this kit what it is. The design, cut, colours and comfort, everything about it feels like it’s been heavily researched, tested and then tested again.

Hey ladies… new colours coming soon. #veganathletic #ethicalapparel

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Vegan Athletic was set up by Daniel Bovalino early last year. The business is set up to be ethical. Both to the animals and those making it. They use ethical and sustainable manufacturing in every step of the process. Daniel even visited the factory and documented his travels in a short video, just to prove that we can buy into a business that’s truly ethical and sustainable.

The ordering process isn’t typical. That’s certainly not a bad thing though. It means the business can really thrive and you know for sure that factory workers are being treated the way they should.

According to Vegan Athletic’s site:

“This is slow fashion at its fastest. Every single order is manufactured and shipped directly to you from our factory in Guangzhou, China. Your order, regardless of how many products you buy, can take up to 4 weeks or less to manufacture. When all your products have been made by our good people, they’ll be packaged up and shipped using DHL International Express post. You’ll be notified of your tracking number as soon as it leaves the factory. From payment to your door, the longest you may have to wait is up to 5 weeks.” 

I don’t mind waiting for my kit when I know the quality, message and sustainability I’m buying into. I don’t even mind paying a premium price. When a business and kit is this good, the price truly deserves to be premium.

Don’t spend your money on Rapha or other high-end brands. Spend it on Vegan Athletic. Spread the vegan message. Buy into an ethical and sustainable business. Buy from a business that shares the same beliefs and dreams you do.

I want to wear vegan kit, get the message out there, in front of more peoples eyes. You can guarantee this is the kit I’m going to be doing it in.

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