Vegan Baileys Doughnut Available At Doughnut Time!

The limited edition doughnuts will only be available from the 12th to the 19th of May.

doughnut time

The London branch of Doughnut Time is offering a limited edition vegan Baileys doughnut, made using the Baileys Almande vegan liqueur.

The Australian brand is well known for its vegan offerings that come in imaginative flavours such as ‘Hotline Ring’ (covered in party rings) and ‘Houston, we have Biscoff’ (Biscoff flavoured).

Priced at £4.50, the limited edition treat is titled ‘Almandes Are A Girl’s Best Friend’, and is also covered in nuts and dried raspberries.

The doughnut is being launched to recognise national vegetarian week, and is exclusive to the Shaftesbury Avenue and Shoreditch stores.

If you fancy trying a vegan Baileys doughnut, you’ll have to be quick, as they will only be in stores from the 12th May to the 19th of May.

Doughnut Time will also be offering their very own ‘freakshake’, consisting of cold pressed coffee and a milk of your choice, finished off with a burst of vegan whipped cream and the Baileys Almande x Doughnut Time doughnut placed on top.

The freakshake will only be available from the 11th to the 13th May, at the Balance Festival in Hanbury Street.

Vegan Baileys was only introduced to the UK earlier this year, however, it has already been a huge hit with vegans and non-vegans alike.

Make sure you get your hands on these limited edition Doughnut Time treats, before they’re gone forever!

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