BREAKING: Vegan Ben And Jerry’s Launch In The UK

vegan ben and jerry's

We’ve been asking for it ever since it was launched in the United States. Now, we can confirm that vegan Ben and Jerry’s will be arriving in the UK very shortly.

Ben and Jerry’s confirmed on their website that the vegan ice creams will be arriving in the UK “soon” however, they failed to state an exact timeframe or the flavours that will be launching.

Häagen-Dazs debuts four vegan ice creams.

In a statement posted on their website, they said: “We can now confirm that it’s true, we are working on bringing Non-Dairy here! We hope to have it available in the UK soon. Well, that is, if we don’t eat it all ourselves first…”

“Some might ask, “why not now?” (Yes, we’ve seen your tweets!) The answer is, we’ve been working on this for quite a while, and want to make sure these flavours live up to what Ben & Jerry’s is known for: enormous chunks, delicious swirls and a commitment to values-led ingredient sourcing. Our Flavour Gurus have been hard at work to ensure they taste just as euphoric as our dairy tubs, which includes a lot of taste testing!”

“That’s all we can share for now; we can’t confirm exactly when it’s coming. Keep a close eye on our social channels for all the latest non-dairy updates…”


Nathaniel comes from a background of cycling and fitness. After eating a regular diet for most of his life, he came across the vegan lifestyle 3 years ago and has never looked back. Nathaniel considers himself an animal lover, environmentalist and keen cyclist while promoting the vegan lifestyle along the way. He's now a registered personal trainer, gym instructor and currently working his way towards a Sport, Fitness and Coaching degree.


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