Vegan Bodybuilder Another To Dispel The Vegan Protein Myth

vegan bodybuilder

Hin Chun Chui is one of the few vegan athletes in China. He has now been a vegan for over three years, winning a number of competitions and proving to his meat-eating competitions, that you don’t need meat to succeed.

Hin trains for over five hours a day, while he has also just opened his own gym, Revol Fitness, to promote plant-based eating.

Influential vegan athletes who benefit from the diet.

Hin goes against the trend of whey protein shakes and sponsorships and instead opts for more healthy, high protein plant-based foods.

vegan bodybuilder

His said: “People say I’m fighting in bodybuilding games but I say I’m also fighting the system,” he says. “I often get accused of taking steroids but, as part of the Hong Kong bodybuilding team, I regularly get tested for doping, so I tell them it’s impossible for me to take such drugs.”

Hin attributes his success to his vegan diet, which his competitors can’t believe,

“They usually say I must sneak meat in my diet sometimes but I always say I don’t need meat anymore because there are lots of protein packed plant-based foods available. You also see the difference between [carnivorous] bodybuilders versus the vegan kind.

The former always have a lot of fat in their body – they tend to lose their six-pack during the off-season. [Where] I can always maintain my low-body-fat muscular build during competitions and off-seasons.”

vegan bodybuilder

Hin typical maintains an 8 percent body fat during his off-season which then drops to 2-3 percent for competitions.

Similar competitors more often have a higher body fat at 10-30 percent body fat in their off-season. This is likely due to the high amounts of animal fat and protein that comes with an animal-based diet.

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