Vegan Brands That Don’t Compromise On Style


Buying vegan clothes doesn’t mean accepting that you’ll forever be using cotton tote bags and flip-flops. Yes, with vegan brands transforming the way we see cruelty free fashion, you will never have to compromise on style and ethics again!


vegan brands

The world of watches is a multi million pound empire, yet trying to find a vegan alternative can be next to impossible. Luckily, here comes Votch. A recently founded company, they focus on selling 100% vegan watches, in beautifully classic designs.

At £120 each, although they’re not ideal for those on a tight budget, you do get exceptional quality. To make this brand even better, they donate 10% of sales to an animal welfare charity! Top vegan points for Votch.

Wills London


Accepting the fact that you can no longer buy leather shoes seriously limits your choices on what to wear. Yet, with brands such as Wills London appearing, that choice is slowly increasing.

Vegan brands are learning that not all vegans want to wear Doc Martins or sandals, and thankfully Wills London is one of these brands. With styles resembling Adidas originals and New Balance classics, these cruelty free alternatives are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t forget to check out their Chelsea Boots and heels too!

Danielle Nicole


Although Stella McCartney thankfully sells vegan bags, unfortunately they’re not affordable for mere humans like you and I. Fortunately, there are brands such as Danielle Nicole to fulfil our handbag desires.

There is no way in hell you would assume these bags are vegan, they’re designed just like top brands. Bold shapes and classic colours mean that there is something for everyone here, and they’re all at very affordable prices.

Have a look at their faux-fur key chains and jewellery too, just in case the bags leave you desperate for more.

Vegan brands don’t need to be dull

These are just an insight into what’s out there! Everything you loved to wear and buy when you weren’t vegan is still available now, and the choice is only increasing. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for vegan brands and vegan fashion alternatives.


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