Vegan Cafe In Soho To Refuse New £10 Notes

new £10 notes

If you have been to Vegan Hippo in Soho, you may have realised that they don’t accept the new £5 notes. However, soon they will also be refusing the new £10 notes.

The new £10 notes will contain tallow, despite the outcry following the release of the £5 notes that also include the ingredient.

The new notes were released into circulation on the 14th of September, and will undoubtedly upset the 137,000 vegans who signed a petition calling for tallow not to be used.

The Bank of England launched a public consultation, which found 88 per cent of people were against using animal-derived products. However, they are still going ahead with using animal derivatives, showing upmost disregard for vegans.

Vegan Hippo manager Gosia Piskulak admits that it will be hard to stick to their policy, especially with the new £20 notes due to come out in 2020.

We completely stand with Vegan Hippo’s decision to boycott the new £10 note, and are disappointed that they will even be in circulation. There is never an excuse to ‘need’ animal fat in products in 2017, and the Bank of England have made this decision despite the majority of the public being against using animal-derived products.

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