Vegan Cheese Recipes To Try Sainsbury’s Gary In!


Vegan cheese (aka Gary) has always been something that I love, but often have to head to Holland and Barrett to get. Yet, thanks to Sainsbury’s making vegan cheese much more accessible, we have even more reasons to cook with it! So check out some vegan cheese recipes to put you Gary to good use, and find a potential new favourite dish.

Mac And Cheese

vegan cheese recipes

Using Sainsbury’s vegan cheddar style cheese, treat yourself to a comforting dish of vegan mac and cheese with a crispy herby topping. It says vegan cheese is optional in this recipe, but we all know it’s what will really seal the deal.

Crunchy feta and tomato salad


If you’re a vegan who misses feta in a salad, why not give the greek-style cheese a try? Although this isn’t a vegan recipe, I’m pretty sure that even the worst chefs out there could understand the whole swapping the cheeses around part. It also includes ciabatta, and who doesn’t love ciabatta?

This is a quick and easy recipe perfect for party’s or social events, and could probably trick even non-vegans.

Cream cheese on EVERYTHING


I never used to fancy the idea of cream cheese, but for some reason I’m really desperate to give the vegan cream cheese a go. The garlic and herb flavour is calling my name, and I can’t wait to put it on oatcakes or a biscuit of some kind. Chuck it on bagels, toast, rice cakes or anything that takes your fancy really.

Of course if you want to be a bit more adventurous, why not try some baking with the cream cheese? Vegan cheese recipes don’t have to be savoury, and you could always swap a little with butter when making a butter cream icing! 

Nachos, pizza, jacket potatoes, stuffed peppers…


With the cheddar style cheese coming shredded, the possibilities are now endless. If you’re lazy like me and can never be bothered to find and grate vegan cheddar, then rejoice and be ready to prepare meal after meal of cheesy goodness.

No it won’t be Michelin star, but when you’re just craving a home made pizza or some nachos late at night, at least you only have to go as far as Sainsbury’s.


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