Vegan Cheese Sales Exceed Expectations By 300%!

vegan cheese sales

The past year has most definitely made vegan cheese mainstream. With Zizzi now selling its own version, and the creation of ‘Gary’, it’s no surprise that vegan cheese sales have increased.

However, it’s just how much these sales have increased by which is outstanding. According to Plant Based News, 

United Kingdom-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s reported that sales of its vegan cheeses surpassed the company’s predictions by 300%.

vegan cheese sales

That’s right, Sainsbury’s expectations of sales for their vegan cheese range have been completely blown out of the water. Veganism is thought to have grown by 360% in the past decade, so these vegan cheese sales statistics only back this up further.

Not only does it mean that veganism is becoming more mainstream, it also means that people are more likely to stay vegan in the long run. By making veganism more accessible and giving alternatives to animal products, there are less and less reasons to go back to consuming animal products.

This fantastic news about vegan cheese sales is accompanied by even better news. The sales of dairy continue to fall, as plant based milks increase. 

Research by Mintel suggests that:

Sales of dairy milk decreased 7 percent in 2015 ($17.8 billion) and are projected to drop another 11 percent through 2020

vegan cheese sales

Veganism is becoming big business, and that’s fantastic for everyone but the farmers. According to The Mirror, since June 2013, more than 1,000 dairy farms have closed in England and Wales as a result of prices plummeting.

Apparently it’s “all teenagers fault” for the plummet in dairy sales. Fantastic news! It’s clear that the younger generation are becoming aware and educated, making decisions to benefit themselves, the animals and the environment.

There’s only so much propaganda the dairy industry can force upon consumers, and with dairy sales plummeting and veganism thriving, it won’t be long before it hopefully collapses altogether.


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