Vegan Christmas Guide | 2016

vegan christmas guide

It’s almost Christmas and we’ve got a bunch of handy guides and tips to have your most vegan Christmas yet. Catch up on anything you might’ve missed and have all the resources in one great place. Here’s our 2016 vegan Christmas guide.

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62  Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas | 2016 Guide

vegan christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of year again, the festive season is almost upon us. You might’ve seen Christmas lights starting to spring up here, there and everywhere. We know the real thing of peoples’ minds though. Presents! Whether you’re giving or receiving here’s a bunch of vegan christmas gift ideas!

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How To Turn Your Family Vegan Over Christmas

vegan christmas guide

For some people the thought of Christmas with your omni family can send a shiver down your spine. For others, it can be a golden opportunity to turn your family vegan over Christmas.

Now, yes, they probably aren’t going to stop eating that turkey during Christmas dinner and immediately jump on the vegan train. All you need to do is plant the seed and help it grow. Opening peoples eyes to the effect they’re having and the harsh reality of eating animal products is often the only thing needed to start them on their path.

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Girly Vegan Christmas Presents 2016!


Whether it’s for your sister, best friend, girlfriend or cousin, girly vegan christmas presents can be hard to come by. There are only so many vegan T-shirts you can buy, and luckily there’s a whole world out there full of vegan treats. Whether its makeup, jewellery or candles, this list is all you will need.

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How To Deal With An Omni Family At Christmas Dinner


If you aren’t blessed like me to have a vegan sister and extremely open-minded parents, the thought of Christmas dinner as a vegan can be a nightmare. Sitting around a table full of food you despise, and watching those you love eat food that is full of cruelty. You may even find yourself being ridiculed for what you believe in.

Here are some ideas on how to survive your 2016 Christmas dinner with an Omni family.

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How To Spot A Cruel Christmas Fair


I’m sure you can remember the pure joy and excitement at the thought of visiting ‘Santa’s grotto’ and seeing real-life reindeer. That was when we were all unknowing, oblivious children. There’s a dark truth behind some Christmas fairs and visiting Santa’s trusty helpers. Luckily, it’s easy to spot a cruel Christmas fair.

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Christmas Vegan Options At Cafes This Winter!


It’s hard enough walking past the array of cakes and sandwiches on offer at cafes at the best of time, let alone when they start bringing out their christmas options. Luckily for us, 2016 has been the year of veganism, and christmas vegan options at cafes like Costa and Pret are finally arriving! *Vegans cheer everywhere*.

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3 Vegan Whiskies To Cover Your Christmas Pudding

vegan whiskey

As you probably know, there is lots of alcohol out there that isn’t vegan. Luckily for whiskey lovers, this tends to be beer and wine, due to their filtration process. Whiskey on the other hand, tends to be mostly vegan! Here are the three best, and 100% vegan whiskies to cover your christmas pudding with this year!

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12 Reasons To Never Eat Turkey Again: Will This Be Your First Meat-Free Christmas?


Maybe you can make this your first meat-free Christmas and help end the horrific suffering endured.

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The Best Vegan Christmas Pudding Recipes

vegan christmas pudding

It’s that time of year where you’re starting to plan your (hopefully fully vegan) Christmas day. Nothing says Christmas more than looking at some of the best vegan Christmas pudding recipes!

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Best Vegan Advent Calendars And Where To Get Them


Undeniably one of the best parts of Christmas, is the build up. Everyone had an advent calendar growing up to count down the days, and that doesn’t need to stop now! Keep reading to find some of the best vegan advent calendars on the market, and act like a little kid all over again.

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