Vegan Coats That Put Cruel Brands To Shame

vegan coats

Vegan coats that’ll keep you warm and looking good

Canada Goose recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. They continue to produce coats and winter wear that use the fur from murdered coyotes. Fear not, there are still plenty of places to buy vegan coats with one brand in particular aiming to go head-to-head with Canada Goose.

Wully Outerwear

vegan coats wully outerwear

Step in Wully Outerwear. The Canadian brand are dedicated to delivering premium winter coats that don’t compromise on the treatment of animals. Now they’re not exactly cheap, one of their bomber jackets will set you back $649CAD but they ensure completely cruelty-free products and pledge to donate $10 from each jacket sold to the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. I know where I’d rather be spending my money.

vegan coats wully outerwear

Wully Outerwear cater for both men and women and use a material called Primaloft Gold to insulate their winter jackets. They currently sell a male and female parker and a male and female bomber jacket with the view to expand their range in the future.

Vaute Couture

Another brand specialising in vegan coats is Vaute Couture. The New York based label has a huge collection of vegan coats that are guaranteed to be weatherproof, eco-conscious and incredibly warm. They are the first ever vegan brand to show at the New York Fashion Week and are quickly gaining a hugely positive reputation in both the fashion industry and the vegan community.

vegan coats vaute couture

Vaute Couture use recycled and organic fabric to create environmentally friendly vegan coats. Definitely a brand to check out if you’re after a coat for this coming winter.


HoodLamb are known for making their clothing from hemp. They sell both men’s and women’s clothes and offer garments from sweaters and hoodies to shirts and waterproof coats. In fact, these coats are incredible. They look great and use organic and sustainably sourced materials to craft their clothes.

vegan coats hoodlamb

What’s more, they offer free shipping on all orders over $100 (trust me, it’s pretty likely you’ll spend more than this!) A perfect place to start if you need to boost your winter clothing wardrobe.

With coats this good there’s no need to use innocent animals in the production. Coats always look better when you don’t have a dead fox or coyote around your head.


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