Chef Launches Crowdfunding for Vegan Cookery Show


Whether it’s Nigella Lawson, the Hairy Bikers, or the Great British Bake Off, cookery shows are big business. They show the public how to make delicious food, whilst glamorising it in the process. However, with veganism up over 360%, there’s a huge gap in the market for a vegan cookery show.

The good news is that a group food and television professionals are aiming to change this. Their aim is to ‘produce a kickass pilot that will showcase vegan food at its very best’. Sounds good to me!

Lead Chef Day Radley explained why she is so passionate about creating the very first vegan cookery show:

“Veganism has grown incredibly fast in the last few years. Veganism is no longer seen as tied to a certain lifestyle, vegans come from all backgrounds.”

“It is purely an expression of compassion that anyone can bring into their lives. We need to show this in mainstream media. We want to reach those people who don’t use social media to find recipes.”

vegan cookery show
Day Radley

She aims to reach those who are not on social media, such as our parents, aunts and uncles etc. By showing those who aren’t on Youtube and Instagram just how amazing vegan food can be, she hopes to enable a whole new part of the population to start cooking vegan.

The crowdfunding campaign is yet to officially begin, however, they have already raised 25% of their £4,000 goal. Organisations showing support include The Vegan Society, Viva and Veganuary, and it is fantastic to see vegan companies and organisations supporting one another.

The money being raised is to create the pilot for the vegan cookery show, which will be named ‘Just Good Food’.

You can donate however much you would like, however, the more you donate, the better the ‘perks’. If you donate £50 you get a raw vegan dessert workshop, and if you donate £500, a private chef for the day!

Check out their fundraising page here. 

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