Vegan Cyclist Rides 2000 Miles To Save Rhinos


Matt Meyer is towing a 350-pound rhino replica along the Pacific coast of the US for two months to raise funds to save the endangered animal.

In doing so, he hopes to raise funds and awareness to protect the heavily endangered species.

Meyer spoke to media outlet The Orange County Register about his experience. “I don’t have children of my own, but I have nieces and nephews and I couldn’t let them inherit a planet without rhinos.”

Have you read about how it’s impossible to be an environmentalist without being vegan?

Meyer formed a bond with the animals when working as a safari tour guide in South Africa. Shortly after, he became vegan and realised cows are now different from rhinos and that both deserve an equal right to life.

The vegan cyclist has stopped at schools throughout his journey to educate students about the plight of rhinos. He hopes to raise $250,000—of which he has raised $100,000 thus far—to donate to organizations that work to end the poaching of rhinos in Africa and Asia.

To donate to his cause, please click here!


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