5 Vegan Documentaries You Need To Watch ASAP

Selection of vegan documentaries
So many documentaries, so much choice!

Take shorter showers and use energy efficient lightbulbs. Drive our cars less and turn off our lights to stop the polar bears from dying, correct? Avoid carbs to lose weight? Animals are killed humanely? It goes a whole lot deeper. Our planet is in turmoil. With animal agriculture contributing to 51% of our planets greenhouse gases, it’s pretty clear where our focuses need to lie, and with so many eye-opening vegan documentaries out there, we have no reason not to educate ourselves.

Here are the 5 best documentaries you need to watch, before it’s too late


One of the most groundbreaking documentaries of our time, and the driving force behind so many people, myself included, turning vegan.

With facts like the statistic that animal agriculture is the cause of 51% of greenhouse gases and that growing feed for livestock consumer 56% of water in the US, it’s not surprising that it’s made such an impact. I dare you to watch this and continue thinking that saving 2 minutes in the shower will do enough.

Check out their documentary for free on Netflix, or visit their website and buy the DVD yourself.

Meat The Truth:

While planes, trains, and automobiles account for 13% of greenhouse gases, 18% of ozone destruction and climate change is related to what we eat. The truth is inconvenient to many, but effects us all. When it’s laid out in front of us to see, will you make the choice it takes to change our planet for the better?

Intensive livestock production is to blame for so many of the planets problems, and this documentary makes it clear for all to see. Meat the Truth draws attention to this by demonstrating that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than all cars, lorries, trains, boats and planes added together.


Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, Vegucated follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Lured by tales of weight lost and health regained, they begin to uncover the hidden sides of animal agriculture.

Perfect for if you’re considering going vegan yourself, it helps show just how easy it can be, and the benefits that come with it.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

If you went vegan/ are going vegan for health reasons, this is THE documentary that you need to watch. Not only will it put you off animal products for life, but will just prove that a vegan lifestyle is truly the best and the healthiest way to live.


No list of vegan documentaries would be complete without Earthlings. The film that got me to stop eating meat overnight, if you have a soul you need to watch this and look at the consequences of your actions.

Powerful, informative and thought-provoking, EARTHLINGS is by far the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests.

It will open your eyes and truly make you realise the horror and the pain behind eating meat, you will never look at the world the same way again. Get ready to cry your heart out.

There are so many vegan documentaries out there!

With so many amazing documentaries out there, many of which can be found completely for free on YouTube, what are you waiting for?!


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