Review: Vegan Doughnuts In Singapore!


There are very few people on this world who don’t like doughnuts. And you know what’s better than regular doughnuts? CRUELTY FREE vegan doughnuts in Singapore. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for them in Singapore since I became vegan, and finally my prayers have been answered in the form of Well Dressed Salad Bar.

Still dreaming of these soft and pillowy vegan donuts

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Seeing them featured on Henya Mania’s Instagram, I tracked them down and tried them for myself.

They cost $20 for a dozen, I went for a mixture of plain sugar, snow powder and hazelnut oreo (which are by far the best). Sadly, the pictures online are a tiny bit deceiving, and the doughnuts are in fact mini doughnuts, making them very hard to saver seeing as they disappear in less than two bites.

Vegan doughnuts in singapore

Although mini doughnuts, I still find the price pretty reasonable. I haven’t had a doughnut in months, and honestly could have paid who knows what in order to enjoy their taste again. Taste wise, it’s hard to detect that these are even vegan. Fluffy and sweet, they taste just like my favourites from when I was younger, and the glazed hazelnut Oreo’s are arguably better than any Krispy Kreme I may have had in my sugar induced childhood.

We’ve got some #VeganDonuts for walk-ins today! Who’s coming by?! Let us know and we’ll save them for you!

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Unsurprisingly, these little pieces of heaven sell out extremely quickly, so if you’re interested and don’t fancy travelling all the way to China Town just to be greeted by the lost dream of vegan doughnuts, make sure you message them on Facebook telling them what you’d like.

Vegan Doughnuts Response?

vegan doughnuts in singapore

Mine were eaten too quickly, and I’m already wishing that I had more to munch on. Although they could seriously improve them by making them larger, so I don’t have to eat 6 just to feel like it’s a treat, Well Dressed Salad Bar are onto a sure winner. They spotted a hole in the market, and are reaping the rewards. Also, they’re awesome doughnuts, so go check them out yourself. Vegan doughnuts in Singapore are finally here!

To enjoy these beauties yourself, head down to Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe!

Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe, 282 South Bridge Road
Tel: +65 6534 7727

Open: 11.30am to 10pm daily

Website here!

  • Please make them larger!!


  1. They are soo small.. about 4-5 of them makes up a normal sized donut.. so its very very expensive at $2 a bite lol. but yes, glad to have vegan donuts

    • Hey Linda! Yeah sucks they’re so small, they mentioned on Facebook they’re looking into making them bigger (hopefully at no extra cost)!!

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