Portugal LEGALLY Must Provide Vegan Food In Schools!


Portugal is leading the way in the vegan revolution. Not only must they by law provide vegan food in schools, they must also in hospitals and prisons.

Not only is this good for those who are already vegan, it is also good for the image of veganism. It shows that being vegan isn’t a shallow choice and that we our dietary needs must be catered for. Places funded by the government ensure there are meals for religious requirements, so why not ethical?

It also makes veganism much easier and attainable as a lifestyle. For younger vegans, taking food to school is not always an option, so may sway towards food offered to them. However, vegan food in schools ensures that you no longer have to plan ahead or watch friends eating, while feeling left out.

vegan food in schools

This change will take place within the next 6 months after a petition collected over 15,000 signatures. A similar one is currently in process in the UK, with over 16,000 signatures, yet nothing has been done.

Sign it here!

In fact, when the government responded to this petition in the UK, they stated;

While food choices can have an impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, well managed livestock also provide many environmental benefits including supporting biodiversity, protecting the character and identity of the countryside and generating an important income for rural communities.

This is quite possibly the most appalling thing I have heard in a very long time. The government genuinely tries to believe that the “character and identity of the countryside” is a legitimate reason to consume livestock! Utterly disgusting.

vegan food in schools

The government also tries to justify that the NHS should provide vegan meals when requested. However, from personal experience I can say that this is BS.

My boyfriend spent 3 nights in an NHS hospital in Leeds, and the food provided to him was appalling. The NHS constitution includes the right “You have the right to receive suitable and nutritious food and hydration to sustain good health and wellbeing”.

Does this look suitable and nutritious to you?

vegan food in schools

The picture doesn’t even give justice to how crap the food was. There was no menu whatsoever, and he was simply given the sides everyone else got, minus the meat.

Lunch was a tiny jacket potato and some beans. The meals were the same for the 4 days he was there.

Only just before he was about to be discharged did a separate member of staff let him know there was in fact a vegan menu he could have chosen food from. Despite asking the head of catering on the ward multiple times if this existed, he was told it did not. Shocking behaviour.

Vegan food in schools, hospitals and prisons must become law. Veganism is both healthy and ethical, and is a lifestyle the government should support.


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